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About me

Born in Italy, passionated by travelling, foreign languages and, in parallel to my rather classical business background (business school, worked in companies and consulting firms), I have always had a strong passion for the holistic well-being of the person, which involves taking care of the physical, emotional and energetic body.


I discovered and experienced the energetic and holistic approach at a fairly young age, and began training in various energy treatments, including Magnetism and Access Consciousness Bars, which helped me to see more clearly the importance of working at the energetic level to achieve overall well-being.


Fascinated and amazed by the results of alternative therapies on my relatives and myself, I decided to continue my studies in order to strengthen and increase my knowledge in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine at "Ecole Shen" - Paris - recognized by the WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society) and the only French school delivering an official certificate co-signed by the Beijing University of T.C.M.


My philosophy

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration "



 Cit. Nikola Tesla (Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, Scientist)


I like to think of the human body as an interconnection of imaginary pipes (called meridians, in traditional Chinese medicine), where energy can spread everywhere equally: when it finds obstacles in its path, the flow is blocked or loses fluidity and manifests itself with illness, pain, depression, insomnia, ... 



The main objective of any energy re-balancing technique is to de-crystallize blockages and allow energy to find a fluid path, to restore the balance between our yin and yang, male and female energy, heaven and earth, soul and body.



During an energetic treatment, we can act on different areas and at different levels through the multitude of tools that traditional medicines have passed on to us, including the use of reflex zones, acupressure, the theory of the five elements and energy gymnastics.


The basic idea is that the physical or mental manifestation of the pain is only an alarm of the real problem: the cause is often to be found elsewhere.


Energy healing is based on a holistic approach to health, which consists mainly of observing all manifestations in their entirety, considering the human being as a sum of physical, psychological, social, ecological and spiritual factors.


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